I'm a self taught artist, but have been practicing and improving for quite a long time, and I continue to do so...

I am surrounded by beautiful scenery and all sorts of fascinating weather which gives me an unlimited source of inspiration for my work. I prefer to work in soft chalk pastel but have been known to mix things up a bit! For me sky, water and colour are the greatest influences in my work, they can create so much mood, movement and depth. Pastels are great for conveying this as they are so vibrant and tactile.

Recently I bought a glass kiln which is my latest pride and joy and I am having a tremendous amount of fun making fused glass pieces. Its always exciting to open the kiln door and see how your work has developed by chance!

When I'm not painting with pastels, I'm fusing, lino cutting, creating silly sculptures or making props and set for local schools and theatre groups.